Saturday, May 14, 2011

oh, greg.

this one is exercising
that fountain is blocky
falls in rectangles

i'd like to work
so i can think
on the train

not known where
to of went is she gave
a space by friend no
available longer cheapest

depending maybe lien
there was something
. but he treats her wrong .
the other who
he well treated her alright
and perhaps another
chase. i used to work on side
daddy man is that it?

father-figure lacking
that's what i feelt
none suppor
mine parnen took to themselves
mother had a baby
dad married again a mouse
and abandoned
for a cult to another cult to a cult
he went with his father
and how was that felt

one austran said he could tell
there was some confusinf scene
in my parents bed
mom was standing over him
is this incident an all in lie
that is a dream.

rejecet it, i yet i am
in crisis dependent

never been good, you see