Wednesday, April 7, 2010


black mud~cramps, menstrual flavour
collected like at mass~dull pain
by styrofoam panty liner~bad heat
not deep enough~back, legs, belly
these unders are not fit~the spot in between
to carry a real sponge~inside, around
I thought I could take~groin encompassing
maybe~i'm fatter, for one
a coffee mug~it's maked me a water
but the handle is counter-effective~balloon. a lady
and my _ will only~sponge.
stretch so much~grunge. gross.
a cotton phallus~grunt. grouch.
with a tail for later removal~grit. gruel.
will again have to do.~grudge. girl.

one more day not a mother
the revelation, the reassurement

well, we all pay a certain price.