Wednesday, April 7, 2010

cherry blossom festival

a sore knee.
constant vague reminder
of the walk I took right away today
(and I did take it, as opposed to
having had or making made it)
yes. I had an errand &the place
wasn't so far as to instill vehincle-lust.
after all, this body is sturdy and
reliable. highly efficient; capable of
most things. so I took me a walk
&for an hour or so I fully appreciated
my receipt.
later after meeting my parents &the darlingest
mote sister we were dans
the district capitol &the day was bright
and optimistic &appreciable, just as it
had been from the start. staying
thankfully a little while predictable.
up &down our gang endeavored and
oh, all the variety of amusing sights (&the
morphing phiz apres phiz apres phiz...)
was like a stream of water,
fluctuating pressure.
altogether comprised six or seven hours
taken &oh yes, my knee does echo their splendor.
motion excursion
a rote, the joint lets out, like a tender
felt siren
my flesh and cords and cartilage
coins and jelly bread roll -
me remembers.