Wednesday, April 7, 2010

fat man's hug at a funeral- too fast summer

alone in a tentative home
air conditioning keeping my
feet cold &you only realize
it when you walk outside
how did it get so hot so fast?
last week it was surly and
overcast. balmy for only a
minute. spring here is so
transient, so subtle. i should have
loved the balminess more because
it's gone now. the heat is
like a hug from a fat man at
a funeral. i like hugs but i
didn't want one from him. he
snuck up from behind &didn't
ask. i can't pull out of this
embrace, that'd be rude. out
of my place. i don't want to
embarass anyone
i just wish he'd known his &didn't make me so
uncomfortable without escape.
it's like he's hugging me with
that purpose.