Wednesday, April 7, 2010


hey. look, you can't call me beautiful.
i'd really refer it if you don't.
don't turn out to be a fantastic wondrous
person with a scintillating mind and
a lyrical perspective, either.
don't be handsome or endearing, for
that matter. don't have your shit together,
don't know what you're talking about,
don't be intrinsically artistic or
sensual and thoughtful to boot.
just don't.
i don't want to _ you. i don't want
to remember having oodles of fun for
hours on end because we spontaneously
ended up hanging out. i don't want you
to sit at my feet and smile your lips
like a V and touching my leg telling me
I am me. who I am. you can't
know or be so sure it's a good thing.
don't look at me like you're about to come
closer and don't come closer. don't put
your hands on my shoulders don't let
me smell how good you had better not
fucking smell. don't let your silent
breath move the hair on my face and
please don't don't don't
don't do that.
don't make or bust a move don't go
any further because i know i don't have
the strength to stop what'll happen and
keep happening once you DO

but you did.


barely two weeks later
alone and half the nation distanced..
I didn't want to know
why I kept thinking
please fucking don't