Saturday, May 14, 2011

others none can

why wont you strive for me
whatever it was i did that
i take it back is it the fact
exist, i wipe me clean, baby in the abbey
you're the only that happened
sometimes i think i'm a juno in mind
never alone like hera is this they called it
had already deeply considered that scary
word, hard to argue. then again i said
i love you because you said it first for whence
before you knew it was not a love in
what were you in pense others none can
always and inescapably somewhat sadly
how many ways to close hypothetical letters
nearly sure if it wasn't suggested to be insane
i'd be willing to accept it love in i only love you
i'll only ever love you as you precede all
i wonder if i'm on your pedestal, too what kind
or the universe gosh. gosh. hope. be safe or
happy getting there and feeling. catch your death
walking in the refrain it's like math, though.
the opposite of that i feel too terrible
to say it. sick. love is do you know digusting things