Saturday, May 14, 2011

hey hey dr. girlfriend

hey hey careful- that's not sustenance. it's processed villain and condensed like plywood only slightly on the edible side you got a big screen for media immediately he just wanted to zone out and kill people. he'd been working all day. that's one thing to tolerate- pickup that beautiful guitar, rather, play. the best image to sorry relay why don't i draw now i'm not the only one who writes letters to exes. would they understand, the ones who share my past time. would they agree absessive ornery. not obsessed a bit but not with actuality none of mine come forth in the right order. a jerk he's hilarity. to much energy cupido in one place if i knew it was some kind of test i'd go ahead but i don't want to think so i'd rather let this go dead isn't that what out love turned stale needed the lyrics sooner a transfusion or of pulling down the vines hated me by the end i wrote accidentally packed it in i'm full of anecdotes and well this is a customary bloodletting not high art, no