Saturday, May 14, 2011

found that'd be it

am i crazy for missing sleeping in your empty bed waiting for you not coming home the pressure and mockery of your sometimes gaze your pointed remarks that told me i'm human and felt bad about it i miss a smile and your nose too close eyes and our matching skin tones the sounds of your voice the way you tell stories i my you're kissing the back of my head in a shallow spoon

silver or indigo katakan eyes and excitement for alis pizza our reverence for hookah and relaxing under so smellable covers and hand rough flayed and bigger than the perfect size earlobes and pulling them with my mouth i want miss to show affection ist and i sort of miss not knowing how so when i could tell you didn't need it at times laying on you laying on touching on me feet under and eyelids breathing light as toilet paper when you sleep waking up while leaving caring when it was relevant halfway through the film taking shirts off unbuttoning the most gym shorts as pajamas over boxers sleeping in socks do feet smell stink no did i ever clip your toenails with lotion massaged those why do i always go