Friday, January 7, 2011


[[this poem was wrought appx. two years ago after my current boyfriend and pal Jarrid and I rode a bus to a party on North Beach in San Francisco. The police came because there were no papers for our many open fires. An end came to the stupidity that was drunken twentysomethings playing lightsaber with pieces of burning driftwood. Everyone ran behind a giant lighthouse and waited until the coast was clear to pull out their bowls. I think there were six between fifteen people and we stayed behind that lighthouse matching and granting for a loooong while. The buses in S.F. stop running after a certain time and so when it was time to leave Jarrid, Kyle and I had a two hour walk ahead of us. I've never been in quite that headspace before or since.]]

the serpent girl on a clumsy trajectory spotted by unusual incidents.

1. steps on a small rodent the tiny bones giving way send reverberations upwards her leg.

2. dead bird found cold and alone given a proper burial lain under patio rocks; tear, unchecked.

she lolligags, loiters, lingers.
lethargy induced by the surreal-quality of her circumstances.