Thursday, December 16, 2010

simulate (to be sung)

i woke up this morning with a
wrinkle in my mind
leaves are leaving one at a time
I never stayed long enough to see the change
from green for good to grey.

we were told everything isn't what it is
but of it what you make
&all our damage is mutually less grave/
I could take the problems and
find a reason for each of them
as long as everybody is content to pray
to a man in a white robe and a solemn
groan for every mistake that never ebbs or fades

I looked at my messy room for
a minute or two
oh all these things I've accumulated
for pattern or colour or shape
so this is my taste
my softest blanket state feels harsh or lame
I lit another cigarette to keep me in the
thought of this
sustem I've divided and respectfully

I can't find comfort
in the knowing
we're not going insane
go to have a reason to keep
working when the money you'll make
will never buy you anything
you wont look down upon one day

I don't know
Oooh if god is a good man
oooh i don't know if
his robe is clean because
he never left heaven
ooooh I don't know if I should give it more time
oooooh i don't if any other syllable
matched a colour