Monday, September 27, 2010

lead: stream of consciousness scribble story

bad timing for the better
it occurred to me
later defined as aware
than one does not need a
vehicle; to interpret the
thing as a method to ease
was ashortlived belief
a moving closet the only
so when the lame man
his market entry
i spewed an offer without considering
half the value
double my karma
this is now
a memory]]
so over a quarter i set
aside& the following
night i blindly bought
a namesake bike
skurvy ride; pink girly ride
well i can dig it
ka-ching was the thing
i rode in in track velour
the colour of a nearly dried
newfallen leaf
and presented my natural
figure to a fellow art
later to borrow
one long line for
a trafficish internet magazine
establishment i've successffully
passive i am glad to receive
& haven't slept since
could i lose this
during sleep NAW