Monday, September 27, 2010

knife fight tonight

knife fight tonight could mean
a shining opportunity for cool
girl charades
she pauses to consider the plaus-
ible sacrifice.
can't have sounded too bad; losing
a hand or your head

the samoan was belligerAnt
obnoxious ignorant
noen of which enhance one's
not even a little bit
being so foolish

endearance is limited for
the brute poisonous pig
stompa skinny white
emcee to the white brick
paint it with wankstar blud

boys intense energy & blind
as such dragging clunkish feet
across a collective of onlookers
embarrassment slowtinged regret

peel out like a lemon rind
soggy from clenched tooth
& chewy cheeks &
dick suckliness

why the phone went down the
foggy water greens with the
aspiring oreo
we'll never stand under