Monday, September 27, 2010


there have been plenty of men
but not a one really for me
few women, too, have i seen
(i mean, a) still something
important but unspellable keeps.
recently i have ignored such
seriousness and in fact with osmar
slept. looking back on such a boring
thing is difficult. he was mes
merizing but nothing more so it
isn't even a pity. we drove quite
far one night to dance sadly
for a short while; to drive back
and feel my hands for me. the
wheel was commander of attentions
i drove and wished i was alone as
he asked questions even though the
answers we'd both instantly forget.
eyes that penetrate like and demand
can easily become a joke
at least that is how i have seen
him. he whispered foreign senti
ments into my ear & spoke like
i'd known him much longer than
i had or do.