Friday, April 16, 2010


ruined by mariah carrey
the wings SO delicate
the hardest thing to sift through
likea shy girl's singing voice
likea final goodbye
a blush on a freckled hello
a regular tiptoe
veins below eyelids
tiny earrings
mushroom pleats
hangnails and skin over blisters
the perfect forever serve
a soaring ballerina; a nerve

where time cannot touch
wine can sometimes mellow

attitudes forgotton
a too-fast spaniard
soccer hobby
encantantas? did i say it right?
if i pretend to speak it
soon enough i shall
don't you dare call me white girl
i know
those words.


singular stoic
love bunch
drop boys.
to be happy is to be
gay, yes?
so stick with what you know
your own sex.
don't feel
hard to forget
how you're made
to fit. but transcend
your puzzle; your
world is an
intellectual concept
anyway, fuel, be
this is ideas
not what is plain.
speak & be heard
quit the game/
sex never healed
&can only be worth it if
you two are
until then
to be