Monday, April 9, 2012


arthritis for the dead rigormortis rigged a stitch a quickened step a rush a wet spot in the bed a sorry a not and a worry a mother the mother of grace and her greedy little girl the baby the drool spit spittle spit-up sit-up chin-up get up stay up a slit a smooth one a clean cut a doozie a did amid a whodunit who was there a fever a hit high pitch a fast ball a fast track a race a rat a poke in the face a fetch a looker a street urchin a junkie a girlfriend a hooker tie the knot seal the deal sign and deliver stand or be eaten swim or sink or spin or sweat a taste the flavour do me a favour do me no favors be gone lassie rush hour traffic bumper to bumper a bummer another cold supper a recital tardy the no show the curtain call the 1-800 the voice the talk the talk the talk flat on your face a bug bite a scratch on the back a pat on the back a clap give 'em a hand my ain't they somfin' folks that's all all is well well, please say please say thankyou no thank you missus mister here is the roster all here who's missing teeth pulled a hysterectomy medicine for acne no preggo No too late to little sweet nothing feel nothing felt it but don't remember the time the times oh it doesn't matter not now not ere not ever not if i can help it what a good little helper a brownie a point a sash and a badge a ribbon a certificate a goodie bag a dollar or four another minute an empty purse a wallet and pictures scroll and a toll bridge a troll under this how many burned how many built a cookie a cracker a monster a master a lock a key a tune play the C get the drift log grab a brick out pops the toaster a little burnt but hey that's toast a darkly a scanner a fatter happily american after a starbucks a coffee flower no more power a race car driver 4 wheels suspension dual side airbags backward facing car seat sleeping youngsters tinted windows sunburnt eyes farmer's tans hicks hillbillies soccerstars and rovers on mars candy and popcorn movies and sex paper or plastic debit or credit he'll regret it a wrapper a condom he came too soon she felt it she liked it she didn't care then but she did when she puked a seedle a needle to fix the problem in time for prom dance get a good dress a matching tie borrow out last years this one will be different, rather, better i can't believe it's not butter(!) frenches yellow mustard as much as you want no calories ketchup catsup heinz #57 america the beautiful the spray tanned the surgery the bypass triplicate the newspaper the great fireworks for easter christ our saviour is risen he is livin' he is watching he is taking notes doctor the doctor you better go if you know what's good for you that's because you don't but he's got the saddle he's got the thermometer for pumpkin and chicken dinner winnnnner and any other holiday splurge splurge payday paycheck empty account maintenance fees gonna bite your ass can you put down the cash how you gonna pay rent you gonna write a check. mate