Friday, March 26, 2010


actively improving my posture
seize every opportunity to recline
as long as hunch or slouch cannot be applied
this is fine.

give a little
lose a little
is that what they say?
while I'm at it I thought (postulate?) I better not either
lie. be egotistical. manipulate. obsess on
a boy.
should return that shit alarmclockradioipodcompatible.
doesn't charge the ipod such a
waste. need the money for other stuff
these things I've beeen doing &
for good measure also eating on a
full stomach raking the lawn for
a reason to be outside & move hard
napping from two 'til bedtime
showering thrice
using windows for paperlight,
doing drawings long promised & overdue
making lists for no purpose writing letters
with no intention of keeping in touch

shoulders back
chin up