Saturday, March 13, 2010

lost valid

it's like we listened to the last song
his airy voice went from the beehive
into my tiny confused mind

you wrote me a note
warning of incomprehensible
jealousy; the streak that led
me to convulsing?
as each idea that presented
itself shrunken and naked
was more horrific than the
you wrote me a note
the ways to guarantee
your hatred in a cramped
scribble it spoke and
your stupid scrawl made
me feel stupid like stupid
was how i would always
feel for you even after all
the laughing and the fighting
the struggle to cling a little
longer the incensed biting
in the wake of violence
i can only continue to
want you and i am
only reassured that it was
only only only only
just the right thing.

the morning after a hurricane is
no time for word slinging.