Saturday, March 13, 2010

oh, no! i don't think i'm ready to be disillusioned

- i need you because i want you is that the right answer?
- it was until you said that.
-i told you you'd hate me

(gotta get that note, that unabashed cacophony of the truest words as they struck me that didn't have any answers only more reasons to reject me; I can't remember how not to manipulate anything and is this not self-preservation? remove the shit or remove the fan or we're all going to be sporting icky freckles.

* tear it, crumple it oh but don't neglect it
it can lie like a torn up cripple by the garbage
but never so far as to actually BE IN IT

oh, no! i don't think i'm ready to be disillusioned, as long as it has a tolerable smell i can live with anything the problem is that i taught myself to tolerate everything and i can tell if i'm a saint or insane or plainly lazy and i fear -fear the way in church you hear them say FEAR- all 3)