Monday, December 7, 2009

Sun of Sheol

spy on the moon
in its glorious yellow
and dusty primordial gloaming
the sun of Sheol
is a rotten legume

a swarm of insects below
syphon the populace to work
crawling with their red eyes
on their behinds
and glow by rage subdued

is it now time for the harvest
time to bring in our rusty fruits
(to soon)
this second litter
of ugly oranges
peels like the knees
which speak age and have been scraped
along in the mud

better to relate to the hungry who wander
home-free and citrus:
within them both pools bitter blood

half acknowledged guilt
will lend them to plastic
be-speckled bowls
something about the ferment
and incidental perfumes
mmmm, comfort food

god's frying pan is stinking up the kitchen
soaking in the dishwater of his
shallow musky river